Ozoner29 & El Rancho Drive-In Theatres

Ozoner 29 Drive In
75th Anniversary




                             Welcome You To the Ozoner 29!!!


The Ozoner 29 has been a dream in the making for us.  It began with an empty field and has developed into what we hope generations to come will always remember it to be their drive in.

The word "ozoner" was first coined by Variety Magazine in the 1950's to denote a theatre as being an "outdoor" type.  Since the new project was to be located on Route 29, it seemed the drive in named itself!

The FM transmitted sound and the double screens are the newest innovation from drive in's past.  Now the theatre can show two different sets of double features, on two separate radio frequencies!  This gives our drive in a much better opportunity to play all the biggest hits of the summer! 

The snack bar is also a bit different from the old drive in style.  First, It's two story.  The food service and rest~rooms are located on the ground floor while the projection booth is located upstairs.  Because the snack bar services two screens, there are walk up window's in the center of the building on each side facing it's adjoining field.  Rest~rooms are at one end, family rooms are located on the other.

In spring, 2004, we planted 94 tiny pine trees, along with 450 feet of rosebush hedge along the driveway. Only time will tell how many trees will survive, and if the hedge will grow to it's predicted 6 feet in height. Of course, more tree's and flowers are planned as we see what looks like it could use some extra touches here and there.  (I just wish one of us had more of a green thumb! But we try!) 

There are so many long term plans for the new drive in!  Every new season we hope to add something new and improved.  Season 2005 saw the addition of a pavilion, as well as overhangs for the snack bar windows. The pavilion will host our Sock-Hop/Elvis nites! (Those summer showers won't be able to stop "Elvis" after that!) 
Thank you all for your e-mails and interest in the new drive in!  Winters seem to get longer and longer, and your letters and shared experiences at the drive in make our day!   
If you would like to continue scrolling down the page, we have posted some pics.   We were most impressed with Bill and Devin's bravery- They went up over 65 feet to take the air view shot of the field and back screen!



                                     The Aug. Sock-Hop!





Thanks to all who were there...  And to those who tried to be,
                    but were stopped by the fire blockade!