Ozoner29 & El Rancho Drive-In Theatres

75th Anniversary

75th Anniversary
   Both Our Drive-Ins Celebrate!





What the UDITOA,
and our 75th Anniversary Task have accomplished:

1. Senator Menedez, NJ confirms that on June 6, 2008 an American Flag will fly over the U.S. Capital to honor our anniversary. The certificate that will accompany the flag will be made out to Richard Hollingshead, III. and will say "In honor of the 75th Anniversary of The Drive-In Theatre". I will get the flag and will send it to our Board and President for them to present to Richard Hollingshead, III and family as they determine is best practical.

2. President Bush has been asked to sign a Proclamation honoring the 75th Anniversary of the Drive-In theatre. (Out come still unknown)

3. A historical plaque is awaiting all legal easement agreements and landowner approvals, to be erected at the site of the first drive-in in Camden, NJ.

4.The Smithsonian has a piece on the drive-in anniversary-- Debuting on their website: smithsonian.com  on Memorial Day.

5. The NYS Assembly passed a motion making Friday June 6th, 2008
Drive-In Theatre Day for all New Yorkers!

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Celebrating 75 years
of Drive-In Theatre History

It all started when Richard Hollingshead, Jr., an auto parts salesman began to experiment by tacking a sheet between two trees, positioning a 1928 Kodak film projector on a car hood to project movies.. as he experimented, he moved cars around in his yard and driveway to see how the picture can be seen with more than one car; he used speakers behind the sheet for sound, and used his water sprinkler to test visibility in rainy weather....

On May 16, 1933 Hollingshead was awarded a patent for his invention.   On June 6, 1933 he opened the first automobile drive-in theatre in Camden, NJ.  The first movie was the British comedy: "Wife Beware".   Ten months later, a second drive-in theatre was opened by  Wilson Shankweiler in Orefield, PA.  By 1958 over 4,058 drive-ins were open and operating.

Unfortunately, in the 60's, 70's & 80's many drive-in theatres began to vanish from the American roadside. Depsite many challenges, the remaining 397 drive-in theatres in the United States are thriving today!   You will see families, children and couples re-discovering the drive-in!  Why?  Each drive-in theatre experience is full of magical memories, that you can not get ANYWHERE ELSE-- that is why we say:

2008 represents the 75th anniversary year for drive-in theatres;  if you have not experienced attending a drive-in theatre lately; why wait?  Make 2008 the year--that you re-discover why movies are magical under the stars!